AtlantaAssociates Program

A purposeful and powerful summer internship experience that will enrich your mind, spirit, heart, and resume.

Our Mission

We provide an environment for college students to grow in their faith, their professional capacities, and their relational skills – all while learning to incorporate their core beliefs into every aspect of their lives. Through this summer experience, each student will set the foundation for building meaningful, lifelong relationships that will empower them to grow as leaders and men and women of faith.

Program Details

Each associate will be placed in a full-time job under the guidance of a local business leader who is familiar with the larger program. In addition, there will be regular scripture studies, dedicated time for community service and mentors to meet with weekly. Housing is also provided, allowing associates to cultivate strong relationships with one another through daily interaction.


The associates typically live in secure, gated apartment-communities in the Atlanta area, close in proximity to program leadership. The men and women's housing are located in separate apartment complexes.


Men's Program: Wednesday, May 29 – Thursday, August 8 (10 weeks)

Women's Program: Wednesday, May 29 - Saturday, August 3 (9 weeks)

Special exceptions may be 

considered, but it is important that applicants understand that their attendance is required all nine weeks / weekends. There are two main reasons for this: first, we must honor the arrangements we have made with the employers and second, given the short timeframe of the program, every day, and particularly the weekends, are intentionally programmed with experiences vital to maximizing the summer for oneself and their fellow associates.


The cost of running this program is offset by the income the associates earn at their jobs and the support of the local community through the Atlanta Resource Foundation. Their income will be shared and used collectively to cover their expenses throughout the summer. In other words, associates will neither make nor lose money during their time in the program.

"Words cannot describe what this summer has meant to me. The spiritual, personal and professional growth I experienced is insurmountable and the people in this city have been, and will continue to be, a true inspiration in my life."

- Victoria Carney-Peters, 2019

"This summer taught me the importance of creating new relationships and deepening the ones I already had through intentional and thoughtful action. My faith was challenged and it grew because of the loving support I received from so many generous individuals who are part of the program. I also had so much fun spending time around like-minded people that share the same passion for the Lord. Spending the summer as an associate in Atlanta has been one of the best decisions I have made and I am very grateful for the Lord guiding me there.” 

- Ethan Holley, 2022

“I think that this summer most grew me in my relationship with Jesus, with myself, and with others around me. First, I learned that Jesus is my friend, my counselor, and my King who pursues me with a passionate love completely separate from cultural Christianity or past painful experiences with the church. Second, I am proud to say that I grew individually in self-awareness, confidence, and contentment. Somehow, this summer helped to carve out an emptiness I was feeling, and filled it with truth through one-on-one mentorship, constant community and active love. Last, I think my outlook on this world changed. I am learning to see the world, and to approach it with open hands to give and receive. I am prioritizing the people and the purpose rather than the payoff. I am resting in who I am created to be so that I can see others for who they can be.”

- Anna Lee Curles, 2018

Support Our Mission

The Atlanta Resource Foundation partners with volunteers in our community to support young men and women in their spiritual and vocational development in this summer program.

atlanta associates program
atlanta associates program